Background Information and Resources to help Save Fletching School

This section of the website contains documentation, reports, analysis and information that may be useful to any responses to the Council’s Consultation Period. Please forward any information that you think would be useful to the campaign onto the team.

Some ideas to Consider for Your Response

Whilst it is important that each response to the Council is unique and personal, we’ve put together some ideas that you might like to explore or reference when compiling your response to the Council’s consultation.

  • The School is a ``Good`` School according to OFSTED and ESCC

    The School was rated GOOD at its last OFSTED inspection and has retained this rating during each of ESCC’s monitoring visits.

  • Numbers at the School have increased in each of the last 3 years

    We understand that the School has surplus spaces, but word is getting out about the fantastic education and experiences that Fletching School can give children and numbers are increasing.

  • The School is an integral part of the village and parish community

    A village School forms a vital hub to community life. There are strong links to the Church and to other local groups. Without the School the Village and Parish will become less vibrant and will life is being pushed towards larger conurbations.

  • Small Schools are an essential part of Education Provision

    East Sussex is a county with large rural areas. If the Council decide to close small rural schools then there are many other schools that will be at risk of closure. The needs to be variance in Education provision!

  • School Size is key to enabling parental choice

    Parental choice on how to education children is a core right in our country. By removing the ability to chose small village schools, the Council are forcing Parents to select larger schools that are in worse locations for a family.

  • The School maintains the social, ethnic and financial diversity of the community

    Fletching School has a diverse pupil population. It is natural that in an affluent area, some families chose to educate their children privately, but the socio-economic diversity of the school’s pupils ensures that children are interacting with families from all backgrounds.

  • Fletching School is a supportive and nurturing place for SEND pupils

    The School has many success stories of pupils that have struggled in other education establishments that have thrived under the guidance, support and nuture they receive at Fletching School. This is a place where every pupil is understood and has focus.

The Consultation Period Starts on the 5th July

East Sussex County Council launched their consultation on the potential closure of Fletching School on the 5th July. It will run through to the 11th October 2019. It is vital that we have as many people respond to this consultation exercise as possible. This section of our website details information that may be helpful to you when formulating any information that you want to submit to ESCC.

It is important that each submission is different so we will not be providing template letters for people to send. If you require any help or advice on completing your submission please get in touch with us at

Resource Sections

The campaign have collected significant information relating to the proposal to close the School, we’ve broken this down into several sections in order to make it easier to review.

Core Information Published by ESCC

East Sussex County Area Review of Rural School Provision

This is the initial report prepared by Officers of the Council for review by Councillor Bob Standley at the meeting on the 24th June. This is presented here in order that you can see the small level of detail that is being used to make such a big decision.

East Sussex County Council Consultation Document

This is the Council’s consultation document, it contains the data which the Council have relied upon to reach this point and contains the Response Form that you can use to provide your feedback to the Council. You can also submit your response online here


Get in touch – this is a community campaign to protect a fantastic community asset. We’d love to hear from you.