Our Fundraising Campaign

Small Rural Primary Schools are under threat. Your money can help save Fletching Primary School from closure by East Sussex County Council.

For the first time in our 146 year existence new government funding means we can’t afford to run our school with 65 pupils. As budgets shift to a cost per pupil, we’ll receive less money than we used to and basic expenses and everyday running costs will no longer be met.

East Sussex County Council have given us until 11th October 2019 to come up with a solution or they’ll close us.

Your money will eradicate our budget deficit for the next two years. And increasing our pupil numbers across these two years is an easy achievement, with schools in surrounding villages and nearby towns full to capacity, and housebuilding and homebuyers on the increase. We already have a dedicated team promoting our school, with numbers on the rise despite the councils threat of closure.

And thats because pupils at Fletching School thrive, our dedicated and passionate staff, governors and parents ensure the progress pupils make whilst at Fletching is outstanding. We’re a hidden gem in the heart of the Sussex countryside.

Our Progress Towards £60k

Funds Raised 28%

Please visit our Just Giving Site to donate or to become a fundraiser

Bid on our Wonderful Auction Prizes

We’ve had some fantastic support from the local community and businesses, check out our auction site to see some of the brilliant lots we have available to bid on. Please do contact us if you would like to donate a prize.

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Become a Fundraiser!

We want as many people as possible to join our campaign and help us raise funds to help our thriving village school. Whether you want to run a marathon, sell some cakes or get sponsored to stay silent for a day, we’re after any ideas from people that want to raise funds that will be used to support the school. Check out our Just Giving site to find out how you can help.