"Why are they trying to shut my School?"

How do you answer that question from your 5 year old child? That’s what all the parents of Fletching School have had to do as a result of East Sussex County Council’s ill thought through proposal to shut this fantastic community resource.

It’s a question that’s even harder to answer, when you can’t see any reason for it yourself. This website is the home of the campaign to keep Fletching School open, for our children, future generations of children, and the wider parish community.

If you’d like to find out how you can help, please get in touch here.

Please sign our Petition against the closure of Fletching School

We need as many people as possible to respond to the Council’s consultation papers, the resources section of our site gives you some background information and ideas that you might like to use in your response.

We also want as many people as possible to sign our Petition at http://chng.it/FNFyjCnzQy

Why We Chose Fletching Primary School

Focus on Individuals

Friendly and Nurturing

Forest School

Progressive Teaching

Small Class Sizes

Part of the Community


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What Our Pupils Think

What's Happening to Fletching School

East Sussex County Council have commissioned a review of the provision of Primary School facilities in the county. This review has concluded that there are some, small schools in the county that do not make financial sense and are now trying to close them.

The report was considered by the Lead Member for Education at a meeting on the 24th June 2019 and his decision was to proceed with a period of consultation. We now have until the 11th October to respond to this consultation period and to present a convincing argument that the school should remain open.

This website is a source of information about the school and the benefits that it has to the wider community, it is intended to publish information that we do not believe the Council have taken in to consideration.

Most importantly it refutes the Council’s ascertain that closing Fletching School is in the children’s interest. We believe that a School is more than admission numbers and lines in a budget spreadsheet. We believe that a School is the hub of the community and should be treasured as such.

Messages of Support

Fletching School is the Heart of the Village

Both of my children have been pupils at Fletching School. My daughter still attends the school now, and both children love their time here. As parents we chose the school based on it’s commitment to getting the best out of every pupil and the obvious dedication of Mrs White and her team.

We will support the fight against any proposal to close this fantastic school.

Wayne Emerson


The Most Amazing and Nurturing School.

I am blessed to have this school on our doorstep. My two girls sing on the way in how much they love their school… my daughters thrive with fabulous friendships & brilliant academic results. With my eldest (Year 6) having just achieved an academic scholarship in English & Maths all due to the teachers at Fletching.

Nicola Schulz


A Real Delight

I work for Fletching Church and it is a delight to spend time with the children in Fletching school, as they are so clearly being nurtured and guided to become caring, kind and confident individuals within a community that is encouraging respect of others.

Ali Brown

Community Resident

Fletching is a Wonderful School

They have helped my daughter overcome her shyness and really brought her out of her shell. She loves her teachers and equally her lovely school friends. If I could give a thousand stars I would 🌟
Truly a great small school, couldn’t ask for any better and will be sending my son next year without any hesitations – he is super excited to become a Fletching boy.

Corinne Evans


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Add your details to our list in order that we can send you important updates and information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re compiling a list of FAQs that may give you more information, these can be found in our Resources Section.


Get in touch – this is a community campaign to protect a fantastic community asset. We’d love to hear from you.